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Where Is My Home?~ Chapter Two
Where Is My Home?
Chapter Two
Iceland POV
    "Finally, I escaped..."
    Emil Steilsson, or Iceland, collapses on his stomach, groaning out to the puffin near him. The young Icelandic man had just escaped from his brother's embrace and his constant 'Call me big brother.' He let his mind wander anywhere but on Lukas, his older Norwegian brother. That is until Lukas interrupted his mind wandering.
    "Emil! Theres a person lying on your shore!"
    He jolted out of his bed. What was Lukas talking about? How could someone have gotten onto his shore? Emil ran from his room, sprinting after his brother. Catching up with the Norwegian, the two walked towards the shore until they came to a stop. Lukas steps to the side, revealing the unconscious girl.
    "This is the person, dear brother. No ship, nobody else. Only her"
    "What do you mean 'only her?' Arent t
:iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 2 5
Cotton Bear Dog :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 4 0 Commission of Aph America :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 4
Where Is My Home?~ Reader x Iceland
Where Is My Home?
In The Beginning...
Reader POV
    In the beginning, you saw only darkness and felt water. In the next moment, there was light. You could only see vast dark blue around you. How long were you here? Your clothes were so ragged and your fingers were like prunes. There were bruises on your body, mostly on your arms. Where were you? You were at the edge of the Norwegian Sea, not that you knew that. All you knew was that you were in a cold ocean and that you couldnt remember anything before waking. All you could summon up from your memories was your name and another thing. That you had a family. Try as you might, you couldnt remember the name of your family. Frustrated, you closed your eyes falling into a fitful and uneasy sleep with your name, [Y/N], repeated in your head by an unknown familiar voice.

Unknown POV
    A woman was walking back in a small co
:iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 7 8


Twilight Hour- JapanXReader
   A/N: For those who have not watched Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso aka Your Lie in April, and are planning to watch it, don't read this fic unless you don't mind spoilers. This is my attempt at making a fluffy fic for all of you to enjoy... So those that do wanna read it, please do so and I hope you enjoy it!
"I... really didn't think... it would be this sad...." The quiet sobs resonated within the room. The tears streamed down your face and you wiped them with your sleeves. Lying back down on your futon, you let out a long sigh, hoping to get rid of your sadness. "Damn it! Why did it have to be this way?!" Whispering to yourself, you dimmed the bright screen of your laptop and eventually decided to close it. "Why did I even start to watch it? Damn it... Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso..."
Wiping the last tears from your weary eyes, you stayed still on top of your futon. It was already 2 in the morning, and you didn't want to wake up anyone. Hopefully
:iconmulankamukamu:MulanKamuKamu 6 2
In Our Embrace {Japan x Reader} Part 1/2
Part 1 of 2
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
The consistent noise of the clock echoed unopposed in the still room. The only thing that could possibly compete with it was perhaps the soft breathing of a young Japanese man who sat perfectly still in his desk chair, staring at the computer screen.
His eyelids fluttered closed as he finally sighed and moved to stretch his arms and legs. Kiku had been stuck with writer's block for who knows how long now?
“If I don’t present an idea to the boss soon, I’ll be fired…” Kiku murmured to no one in particular. It was true, the black haired man had been stuck on ideas for months now. When his boss warned him of not having submitted anything for a year, Kiku began to force himself to write the most random stories that came to mind. He would hand them in for his boss to approve before he would begin the process of creating the manga. But each time, his story was rejected.
So Kiku tried ag
:iconjessicac924:JessicaC924 11 6
Dragon Base :iconjamsquish-2-0:JamSquish-2-0 2 0
Incubus! Denmark x Chubby Reader
~WARNINGS: Contains dark and sexual themes~
Your body began to squirm and convulse as waves of pleasure hit you as you hit yet another orgasm. The orgasm pulsing through your entire body as you as you felt weaker and weaker by the second. "ahh...mathi..." you tried to moan out, but your throat was hoarse from previously moaning and screaming. "Forsøg ikke at tale, mit kæledyr"[1] the large demon hissed into your ear, his arms holding you up by your thick thighs wrapped around him.
He could throw you around if he wanted to with the strength he withheld. "You're mind is not capable of speaking while I am fucking you!" he laughed menacingly while continuing to thrust in and out of you. His tail wrapping around your thick thighs tightly as he dug his nails deeper into your wide hips, drawing out some blood. "I-I shouldn't let you do this.." you managed to breathe out as you felt a knot forming for yet another orgasm.
His sharp nails trailing down your thighs and up
:iconchub-reader-inserts:Chub-reader-inserts 9 1
2p England x Chubby Reader - Strawberry Shortcake
~Warnings: Contains sexual themes and daddy kinks~
It was finally the end of the day as Oliver began to close the shop. He owned a bakery and it has began to become fairly popular, making him extremely busy baking sweets and cakes to keep in stock. Unfortunately, all of this caused him to lose time with his precious (Y/N).
With a content sigh, he made his way down the street to his house where she would always be eagerly waiting for him at the door. He chuckled to himself at the thought of the hyper and overactive girl. The way her blonde hair would always be put up in hair bows and clips or the way her stockings would be wrapped around those delicious thick thighs.
His mind began to wander with thoughts of her until he finally made it to the front door. He put the key into the lock and opened the door with a big smile on his face, "Princess, I am home!" he called out into the rather doll-like house. However, he was greeted with noth
:iconchub-reader-inserts:Chub-reader-inserts 18 7
whabam :iconastral-ambiance:Astral-Ambiance 18 0 they... repLIED I'M EMBARASSED AND HAPPY??? :iconastral-ambiance:Astral-Ambiance 12 3
20 watchers raffle (OPEN)
Woah! Twenty of you, already? That's awesome!
So, I was thinking about doing a mini request raffle... since not all of you are super active, I suppose I ought to open it up to the general public rather than to just my watchers.
The winner will receive a simple request. Idk what the limits are, quite yet. I'll decide later...
Just comment that you'd like to join the raffle and fav this journal, and I'll give you a number. (+1 number) The raffle ends on April 1st, but only if I get at least ten entries (people, not numbers). If not, I'll cancel the raffle, for the sake of fairness. Maybe you could spread the word? ;)
To earn additional numbers:
1. Be a watcher! (easy for everyone that helped me reach this milestone) (+1)
2. Correctly guess my APH (Hetalia, not Aphmau, oops) OTP. (+1)
3. Comment your favorite character from anything. (+1)
4. Correctly guess the first anime I watched. (+1)
Max numbers: 5
Thank you for helping me reach 20 watchers!
Edit: Cur
:iconfwizz101:Fwizz101 2 2
If There Was No Eevee :iconcheeziespaz:CheezieSpaz 4,525 626 curse :iconrukeiboni:Rukeiboni 17 1
2p America x Reader
How to get rid of an art-block~
Your P.O.V
Staring blankly at the  paper in front of you, the irritation within you kept growing.
“* Sigh*. Why can't I come up with something to draw?! What's wrong with me?!” you groaned loudly and place your face down on the table/desk. When your best way to express yourself is to draw, or creating things in general, the probably worst thing that could ever happen to you was to get an art-block. No matter what you tried to draw, no matter what you did you couldn't seem to bring yourself to began.
“Whatever, I give up.” you mutter sourly  before leaving the table and fell onto your bed. Still feeling pretty frustrated you lay on your bed and listened to the familiar silence of your home... along with the sound of a pair of approaching footstep? Though you might have been worried for a split second or so at first, you remained calm. Without lifting your face from your favourite pillow you grabbed another cushion and hur
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 13 3
Yuri Plisetsky x Reader - Allegro Appassionato
Singer!ReaderHis songs described him as much as your songs described you. His passion for the ice is the same as yours for music. Perhaps it was the strong passionate drive and the determination to get to where you are now that the two of you had become fast friends. His understanding of your love for music and your understanding for his love of ice skating brought together what Yakov and Victor had once called a chaotic friendship. For the songs you had sung or practiced with became the songs that Yuri had became attuned to listening to, they became the songs that he was gravitating towards.
And this was needless to say, your voice became the sole reason as to why he had chose certain songs. Your influence had played a part in creating who he is today. Yes, you were, first and foremost, your own person, but you were also his childhood friend, one of his greatest supporters. 
"Yuratchka," you had softly called out one day, your eyes shining with excitement. It was either he did
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 103 30
Jetsam |Eren Yeager x Mermaid!Reader|
      He couldn’t explain what it was about the ocean.
      He was drawn to it, its sharp waves crashing against the shore, the rich salted smell, the enormity of its reach.
      Men had found him on the beach, crusted with salt and sand, skin peeling and burnt from the sun. They’d carried him to the physician’s house when he’d woken, delirious and demanding, and left him there, each man shaking their heads at his tale. A girl had saved him, he’d claimed. She’d dragged him from the floating wreck that had been his ship and left him on the beach.
      Erenn couldn’t quite remember what she had whispered as she stroked his face, but he was sure it was important. She had sung too, he was certain, soft songs and melodies that were left ringing in his head when the world was quiet and sleep was overtaking him. She had breathed life into him when he was dying and whispered things he
:iconabaeternoamantes:AbAeternoAmantes 29 11
. glimmer of hope | Oikawa Tooru
Late in the afternoon, [Name] watched the light streaming in from the window play across Oikawa's skin. The setter was lying prone on the couch, chocolate orbs closed with his head pillowed on his folded arm as he slept. Deep in awe, [Name] was taken with how his luscious locks fell to obscure part of his face.
Moving from her vantage point at the end of the couch, the girl crept silently around to get a closer look at the man. She seemed mesmerized by the sight of full lips parting as the brunet shifted slightly in sleep.
Cautiously raising a hand, [Name] swept the bangs that had fallen into Oikawa's face aside, delicate hands gently caressing his mop of chocolate hair. Growing bolder, [Name] loomed closer, hovering before the sleeping man's face as she worried her lower lip with her teeth in thought. Decision made, she leaned down, pressing her lips against his soft ones.
When the gentle press caused Oikawa to stir suddenly, the startled female teen quickly pulled away, a faint blush
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 61 15
. reset | Viktor Nikiforov
"Is it time?"
"Hm, I'm not sure. I guess not. The fireworks haven't started yet, after all."
"What time is it, then?"
Viktor pushed back his sleeve a little. Strained, he tried recognize the hands of his watch, but failed. "I can't see it. It's too dark up here."
"Hm…" [Name] let her glance wander across the roofs of the dark city. The stars in the sky were shining faintly upon them.
After a while, Viktor leaned back. "You know, this is the first time you and I spend New Year's Eve together", he said and looked up at the stars.
"Hm," [Name] pulled her legs close to his body and let her chin rest on her knees, heaving small puffs of cold air. "Is that so? Well, actually I've been hating January 1st my entire life."
Viktor threw a questioning glance at the musing girl beside him. "Really? Why is that?"
"It's always been a strange feeling, waking up on January 1st", [Name] explained, a wistful expression adorning her dimmed features. "It's the first day of an entire new year, and yo
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 51 4



I can draw cards for you with either the style in the reference card or my usual not lazy eyes

Only 10 points!
lmao doesnt even need to be Valentines Day related, it can just be cards
Headshot Body
I'll draw any character and some simple clothing
See the example for reference
Icons? Icons
I can make you little doodles for icons

Please specify what character you want and what shape behind the character you want!
Ice Cream Buns!!!
Send me a flavour of ice cream and how you want the ears positioned!!

Commission me with the 20 points to pay


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one day i will save enough points to commission my favourite artists :'))
im just making weird screech noises at fanfiction oops
when will my art not look cute when im trying to draw serious things
hello yes, be ready for the end of my core in just two days
i should be doing ar t but im posting nosnese on my googel+

save my sufdferign body
Has anyone ever wrote a story with The Hanging Tree????
Donald Trump is the USA's first orange president
nobody told me the earnings from commissions takes a while to get to
holy heck i have core

thank you ;;v;;
legit I forgot I entered a raffle because I forget a lot of things
I hope all of you have a great day today
Whether it be 2017 for you or still 2016!
I sorta got sick again

its just a sore throat and stomachache
I will have Chapter Two up soon

I promise!! Undertale - Determination | Red pixel heart | F2U 
Trying to write the draft of Chapter Two when you are recovering from a stomach virus is not easy ;;v;;
Im reading Voltron fanfics and I dont even watch Voltron itself

Raffles are great
You should enter!!!!!
great art i tell you
extremely great art

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