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Where Is My Home?~ Chapter Two
Where Is My Home?
Chapter Two
Iceland POV
    "Finally, I escaped..."
    Emil Steilsson, or Iceland, collapses on his stomach, groaning out to the puffin near him. The young Icelandic man had just escaped from his brother's embrace and his constant 'Call me big brother.' He let his mind wander anywhere but on Lukas, his older Norwegian brother. That is until Lukas interrupted his mind wandering.
    "Emil! Theres a person lying on your shore!"
    He jolted out of his bed. What was Lukas talking about? How could someone have gotten onto his shore? Emil ran from his room, sprinting after his brother. Catching up with the Norwegian, the two walked towards the shore until they came to a stop. Lukas steps to the side, revealing the unconscious girl.
    "This is the person, dear brother. No ship, nobody else. Only her"
    "What do you mean 'only her?' Arent t
:iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 2 5
Commission of Aph America by GhostQueen-CHB Commission of Aph America :iconghostqueen-chb:GhostQueen-CHB 3 4


Zen | Hyun Ryu x Reader - Taking One for the Team
Taking One for the Team
Zen | Hyun Ryu x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]
---You have entered the chatroom---

[Name]~ You're here!
Hello, Yoosung! You're not playing?

Servers are down for maintenance;;

I see.
Um, do you know if Zen will be on later?
Hmm, he usually logs on at this time to post one of his selfies lololol
Why? What's up?

You squirmed uncomfortably in your chair as your fingers hesitated on pressing the keys. You debated as to whether or not you should confess on what you had just done. In the messenger, you saw that Yoosung had sent several more messages, asking whether or not you were still there after not replying for a good amount of time. Taking a deep breath for preparation, you brought your attention back to the messenger.
Yeah, I'm still here.
Sorry, I needed to do something real quick.

That's fine. So, did you need to talk to Zen or something
:iconavistella:Avistella 75 49
Zen | Hyun Ryu x Reader - Late Night Phone Call
Late Night Phone Call
Zen | Hyun Ryu x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

You tossed and turned on the bed, trying to find some comfortable position to sleep in but to no avail. Your thoughts were too preoccupied with small anxieties that you almost always blew out of proportion, even if you didn't mean to. You couldn't help it; that was just how it was for you, and you absolutely hated it. So here you were, lying on an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar apartment with your thoughts constantly switching back and forth from unwarranted worries to pure self-hate. You felt tears start to form in the corner of your eyes, immediately trying to blink them away.
"Stay strong," you reminded yourself over and over again, giving up on sleep and instead forcing yourself to sit up. Slowly, you brought your legs close to your chest and hugged your knees. "It's fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I can do this. I—"
Your desperate fast-paced self-reassurances were
:iconavistella:Avistella 57 14
Zen | Hyun Ryu x Reader - Game End
Game End
Zen | Hyun Ryu x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

It was painful. Absolutely painful. Who knew falling in love would hurt this much? If you had known that it was going to be this painful, you wouldn't have downloaded that damned app in the first place. ...But even so, you couldn't deny that even if it did hurt, it felt nice at the same time. It made your heart flutter, thinking that maybe these people actually cared about you and your well-being; they wouldn't constantly be asking you if you ate already if they didn't care. The memory of those past conversations still makes you smile to this day. They made you feel like you actually belonged somewhere. That you weren't alone. That you were loved.
You weren't really alone before you downloaded the app and met everyone in the RFA. You still had your family, as well as a few friends, but you've always felt this sort of distance from them. You couldn't remember when it started, but you rea
:iconavistella:Avistella 37 22
One-sided!V x Reader - The Paths We Choose
The Paths We Choose
One-sided!V x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR: Secret 01 (and one line of dialogue from Zen's route, but it's nothing major)
V was aware that this was all a game. It was perhaps because he knew this that he could remain standing on the sidelines, watching everything play out. V didn't mind it though; he was able to watch over the RFA members like this from a safe distance, for both their sake and his. Yet, despite all that, the young man couldn't help but feel so alone. Seven was also vaguely self-aware similar to V, but Seven still had his own path to choose from several others. So even if the two felt a similar loneliness of being self-aware, Seven was still fortunate enough to be directly involved with you, whereas V was not.
At first, V was indifferent to his situation. He had his own role to play. His own determined set of actions and consequences. His own fate. ...And he never questioned it once. It was just how things were
:iconavistella:Avistella 39 3
One-Sided!V x Reader - Broken
One-Sided!V x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

It doesn't make sense. There's a throbbing pain in V's chest as he watches with limited vision of the dancing pair in the middle of the room. His vision is blurred, much more so than it usually was. It wasn't until V felt something trail down his cheeks that he realized he was crying. The young man immediately went to wipe his eyes with the back of his hand, thankful that everybody was too engrossed in the magnificent party before them to take notice of V's tears. Yes, it was a magnificent party indeed. Despite all the struggles and obstacles the past few days or so have brought your way, you were still able to make the party a huge success.
You were amazing.
V brings his attention back to the pair that he was watching, and once again his heart clenches when he sees how happy you look, dancing with the one who supported you the most ever since you joined the RFA. V can't understand when, why, or how he came to feel thi
:iconavistella:Avistella 69 33
V x One-sided!Reader - Burn
V x One-sided!Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR: Jumin's Route (slight) and Jaehee's Route (extremely small)
"Get that fucking camera away from my face, or I swear you'll be spending your next few days trying to find a new one," you threatened the blue-haired male as he pointed the lens of his precious camera towards you while you covered your face with one hand and tried to push him away with the other.
The young man laughed softly at your threat, knowing full well that you would never follow through on it but relented all the same after seeing how adamant you were about not having your picture taken. "Why won't you let me take your picture?" he asked, voice full of innocent curiosity. "You look cute."
"I'm not cute! Don't call me that!" you responded sounding much more sharper than what you had intended. From the corner of your eyes, you saw your friend furrow his eyebrows together, the sweet smile on his face slowly tugging themselves d
:iconavistella:Avistella 78 17
V x Reader - Sleepless Night
Sleepless Night
V x Reader
[Mystic Messenger]

"Make sure you go to bed early."
That concerned message directed towards you was sent on the messenger hours ago, yet for some strange reason, somebody always had to be awake at 3AM and talking about the randomest things. Then again, it is 3AM, and almost everybody always has something weird to say or think about at this ungodly hour.
You let out a small groan when your phone vibrated to life, notifying you that somebody had just entered the chatroom. Admittedly, you could have chosen to ignore the chat and just read the log later in the morning, but you weren't one to just leave that person in the chat all alone by themselves. Besides, it wasn't like you were sleeping nor did you plan on doing so any time soon. Rolling over to your side, your hand reached underneath your pillow to retrieve your phone. Wincing slightly from the sudden bright light from the device, you quickly and automatically went through the mo
:iconavistella:Avistella 111 22
. magic of the moment | Zen [Hyun Ryu]
[Name] wiggled around in bed as she slowly awoke from her slumber. Her eyes fluttered open and she took in a deep whiff, inhaling the heavenly scent of bacon and pancakes.
[Name] threw back the blankets and shivered at the sudden cold. Her bare feet hit the wooden floor and she hesitated to get up out of bed, loathing the chilliness that she was sure to be met with.
"Whoa, whoa, hey, whoa," Zen's anxious voice stopped her as he walked in, carrying a try with a plate of the breakfast she had smelled and a little present next to it. "I made you breakfast in bed. You have to actually be in bed for breakfast in bed. Seriously, who's ever heard of 'breakfast at the table'? I mean, that's what most people usually do, but you don't call it that. That would just be ridiculous."
[Name] rolled her eyes, but was actually grateful for not having to get out of the warmth of her large, comfy blankets. She rearranged herself on the bed and sat up. Zen set the trey on her lap and crawled into bed next
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 44 13
Bad Mood Baby | Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa
"Tooru's really never shown you this before?"
The late Spring sun shone brightly on the two sneakily squatted forms, noses balancing along the concrete wall. Your large grin was a hard one to suppress as you exchanged a glance with Iwaizumi, and not without the added wriggle of your brows. He looked frustratingly dumbfounded as it was his impression you invited him over for brunch, not to spy on the magnificently bald, downstairs neighbor.
Iwaizumi couldn't be too upset. Something like this was just a part of the quirkiness he so liked about you. Though he would have loved to have had a Sunday alone to put a couple of moves he'd been planning on you, that was nearly impossible with a whimpering Oikawa less the twenty feet away, perched on the arm of the sofa. In fact, Oikawa had been more deserving of wallops since the start of your and Iwaizumi's relationship. Three dates in and barely official was apparently plenty of time for the brunette, pretty boy to start pressing for personal q
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 88 31
. seeking relief | Kuroo Tetsurou
[Name] stared at her open notebook, occasionally looking up and to the left to test how her memorization process was coming along.
It wasn't.
Groaning, she rested her elbows on top of her notebook and begrudgingly let her hands cover her face, then, dispirited, she slid them up into her hair. The female had been studying for hours and it seemed as if she had gotten nowhere. At best, she could presumably produce a functioning essay if she could have her notes with her, but at this rate, her final grade was indubitably going to be an F. There was only so much you could count on the curve for. She felt like the only solution was to bang her head against the wall and give up.
So she did.
She probably sat at her desk with her face – screw beauty standards and screw finals – violating the wall for a solid five minutes before she heard a key play with the lock outside. Rancorously, she picked her head up from the wall to turn around and see her boyfriend treading in. However, the
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 54 21
. colours of love | Akaashi Keiji
[Soulmate!AU] You only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate
The world was grey. It always had been for her; cold and void of any 'colour'. [Name] had grown up watching her friends gush about suddenly seeing the world as it was, how beautiful sunsets were and fields of flowers and the such. All because they had met their soul mate.
No one was sure how it worked out that way. To be honest, [Name] didn't think they ever would. One day you just went about your day as usual and the next you're on cloud nine holding hands with some complete stranger and acting like you've known them for years. Just the thought of being sucked into something as sappy like that made her sick to her stomach. If anyone had asked her- which no one did- she would have told them she was perfectly fine never meeting this 'soul mate' of hers. She had grown so accustomed to her grey-scaled world. It was familiar and at times comforting to her.
And then he had to happen.
[Name] had been going a
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 19 10
Aquatic Esker Adopt Sale - Patch [OPEN] by wapitiadopts Aquatic Esker Adopt Sale - Patch [OPEN] :iconwapitiadopts:wapitiadopts 7 0 APH Japan by Sajitarius APH Japan :iconsajitarius:Sajitarius 430 92
Netherlands x Reader ~Climbing Down~
~Climbing Down~
Bedridden and frail, she lies like a shy ghost buried deep in the blankets, her lungs wet sponges and her head a lead weight containing an organic computer barely keeping up a continuous heartbeat. The machines whir and clack away like leafing librarians, putting out a reading every half an hour in artificial succession. Light no longer stings her eyes, for sight is far beyond her, and she spends the last fragments of her life withering away as a wilting corpse in the sun. Lying past the dusty curtains forever drawn back, the garden blossoms, the flowers tremble in the warm breeze that carries whiffs of pollen and sweet scents into the air: nectar-dripping goldenrod and its sour aroma, gardenias with their vanilla-laden pudding petals whose leaves glisten with wax, sweet peas containing a water-rich snap on the nose possessing tickling pink flowers, and tulips, though never bearing a smell, the bulbs are always nearby. He cannot remember the last time he stopped bringin
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 64 23
Austria x Violinist!Reader ~A Company~
~A Company~
Even during dinnertime, he can hear her tapping her fingers on the cushion of her chair, voicelessly humming a tune to herself. He hears her mistakes despite lacking a melody. There are breaks she misses and pizzicatos that do not bite on the neck.
He points out that she missed the sixteenth rest in the forty-third measure without looking up from his tea and papers. She sighs and stops tapping, the room falling into an awkward silence. He turns the page and makes a note with his old quill. She wishes he will go out and buy a new set of quills; they are worn and hardly hold enough ink to write two letters, let alone two notes, but he refuses, saying they are in fine enough condition to last at least two more songs.
Cheap, cheap, she thinks while helping herself to some apple strudel. The filling is irresistibly sweet and the pastry buttery perfection. While not the most charitable of gentlemen, her instructor certainly is an expert baker. She smiles while she clinks her peti
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 59 29
Sprouting Scents by GydroZMaa Sprouting Scents :icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 50 7



I can draw cards for you with either the style in the reference card or my usual not lazy eyes

Only 10 points!
lmao doesnt even need to be Valentines Day related, it can just be cards
Headshot Body
I'll draw any character and some simple clothing
See the example for reference
Icons? Icons
I can make you little doodles for icons

Please specify what character you want and what shape behind the character you want!
Ice Cream Buns!!!
Send me a flavour of ice cream and how you want the ears positioned!!

Commission me with the 10 points to pay


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i really need to redo some of this old art
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im just making weird screech noises at fanfiction oops
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hello yes, be ready for the end of my core in just two days
i should be doing ar t but im posting nosnese on my googel+

save my sufdferign body
Has anyone ever wrote a story with The Hanging Tree????
Donald Trump is the USA's first orange president
nobody told me the earnings from commissions takes a while to get to
holy heck i have core

thank you ;;v;;
legit I forgot I entered a raffle because I forget a lot of things
I hope all of you have a great day today
Whether it be 2017 for you or still 2016!
I sorta got sick again

its just a sore throat and stomachache
I will have Chapter Two up soon

I promise!! Undertale - Determination | Red pixel heart | F2U 
Trying to write the draft of Chapter Two when you are recovering from a stomach virus is not easy ;;v;;

Raffles are great
You should enter!!!!!
great art i tell you
extremely great art

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