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Oikawa Tooru - Late.
→ Oikwa Tooru x Reader
→ Word count : 2.552
→ English is not my first language, I hope you'll forgive any grammar mistakes. Don't hesitate to point them out to me though, I'd like to improve.
→ I recommend that you listen to this song as you read.
Hajime’s big hand found his sister’s smaller one and their fingers intertwined out of habit. The (h/c) haired young woman still had her eyes glued to what was her third mojito, it was empty already but still she played with her straw and the slowly melting ice cubes.
« Do you want to go home ?» he worried quietly.
« I’m fine, Hajime.»
Was what she said, ignoring the fact that her hand tightened on her brother’s. She was not fine.
« (Y/N), look at me. Tell me the truth.»
That was not even necessary, he read through her lies as if she were an open book. She looked up at him to find
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 8 11
Unconditional Love | Tsukishima Kei x Reader
“Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.”
    Your eyes were one of the things Tsukishima loved most about you. He adored those [eye color] hues that sparkled every time you saw him; the very same eyes that helped him decipher your emotions for the day through the brightness of the color. It didn’t take him long to realize that you were happy or excited when your eyes were quite bright and upset or moody when your eyes were a darker shade of its usual color.
    Now that your eyes were closed and your body was enjoying the peacefulness of sleep beside him, his eyes moved down to your lips. Even when asleep, your usual smile continued to reside on your lips, making you look so peaceful. Your lips were parted ever-so-slightly to allow your slow, steady breaths to waft over his neck.
    A strand of your [hair color] hair tickled his skin, but he didn’t
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 15 10
the law of averages | todoroki shouto
todoroki shouto x f!reader
warning: profanity, a lil bit of blood
prompt: at 18, everyone receive a superpower. your childhood friend got a power-absorption, your best friend got time control, and they quickly rise into top 100 most powerful superheroes. you got a mediocre superpower, but somehow got into the top 10. today they visit you asking how you did it.
It starts off simply.
Too simply, perhaps, but what children and greed have in common is a naivety that prevents thinking from anyone else's perspective.
Uraraka leans her head against your shoulder, Todoroki's hand is in yours, and everything seems right in the world.
But it's not.
And maybe, because the three of you know this too well, this is why you don't feel fear of the inevitable, of Uraraka and Todoroki going to war and leaving you behind. You stare at your 18-year-old hands and wonder if they're good for anything more than dropping second chances.
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 17 4
La Pareja Perdida (Spain x Reader)
Money for me is not an issue.
Because if you don’t have any, how would it cause problems?
What drives me instead is creative passion, the feeling of knowing, those wonderful moments
Being wrong can look so right.
The dance studio is my home away from home,
A hall of mirrors to rend my character piece by piece until I am nothing left but a twirling soul,
A wisp leaping to and fro across an empty wooden plane.
And with every fleeting glance of mine, the mirrors whisper to me that I am the only one here.
Thousands of times I must have come here to see myself moving alone.
I am my own partner because my príncipe azul, my love, my life, my everything, is nothing.
I do not have such a novelty.
Yet I do have some person, at once and yet not quite.
Una fantasía romántica.
He is made of the stars, a figure of fancy as real as the air I breathe.
And when he comes to me in expressions of desire and wonder,
I find myself blindl
:iconwishuwereme1:wishuwereme1 2 0
2p! France X Fem!Reader
. Fear .
(c) Hetalia    "Francois!" That familiar feminine voice shook him from his slumber, soft purple eye's opening to the piercing light of day. The first thing he did was hiss at the light and cover his eye's with his arm, pulling the blankets farther up his bare chest to prevent the cold air from awaking him fully. But with one swift tug the blanket was gone, and his body was caressed by the cold hands of morning air.
    "Close the curtains." He grunted out, closing his eyes tightly wishing for sleep to come over him again. 'Like she would let me go back to sleep, though,' he thought to him self in that moment. His precious flower, his love was always happy and cheery unlike him, trying to make the world brighter. Francois couldn't help but wonder what the universe did to snake her into his arms, but because of it he finally thought love was worth it, let alone life.
    He heard the all so reminiscent sound's o
:iconbunchosin:BunchOSin 8 0
Human!2p!Japan x Reader
Clarification!: This is going to be a 'sucked into a game' Au. I'm going to try and base this world loosely off of the Dungeons and Dragons (multiple editions). So Basically the 'DM's' world with pre made monsters and some of my own as well. There are plenty of stories out there where characters get sucked into a world of Videogame's such as Tron, the popular anime Sword art online, and another called Log horizon.This will have similar aspects!
Maybe some Lord of the ring undertones as well lmao.
Throughout this story the reader is going to be trying to hide her gender.
This will probably be the smallest chapter lmao.   Several knocks rapped at your door, pulling you from your sleep. Today you were expecting the new game FORMIDABLE to have gotten to your house, such as many others awaiting the newly hyped game to reach their households.
:iconbunchosin:BunchOSin 6 0
loving him | Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru x Fem!Reader
She can vividly remember what happened still. It was the twenty-sixth of April. It was raining; the clouds hung low and the sun hidden away. She was twenty, young and conflicted. The rain pouring gently as the day went on. The smell of cocoa and coffee mingling together is letting her relax her as she sat by the cozy armchair. The warmth radiating from her own cup of tea sent tingles on her cold fingertips as she watched the people rush out of the rain.
The pitter patter of the droplets became music against her ears. She enjoyed how the somber atmosphere of the café surrounded her, the soft murmur of the people inside sending her into bliss.  But on the same day, the rain witnessed how one man can make her light up, like she was the sun herself.
It wasn’t like he was her first love. No, no. Her first love was filled with innocence and laughter, not one of them knowing it was already love. It was all rainbows and fairytales, just like t
:iconbluemarian:BlueMarian 16 5
Tease: Hair Ties [Azumane Asahi]
Asahi frowned, the feeling of his hair brushing up against his chin finally starting to bother him. He brushed the long strands out if his face, tucking several pieces behind his ear in a vain attempt to get it out of his way. When the strands promptly fell back into place, blocking Asahi's view, he could only sigh in defeat. Ever since his hair tie had decided to snap, the tall third year had been messing with his brown locks, trying to get them to stay put. With his hair out of its usual bun and in his face, he was having such a hard time doing anything.
"Asahi-kun, do you want one?"
Asahi turned his attention towards his classmate, [Name], noticing how she removed an elastic band from the many that encircled her wrist. She held it up so he could see it, her fingers twirling it around a bit. It was black, much like the ones he would often use, but it had a single strand of silver coiling around it, making the elastic band look rather sparkly. It was girly and Asahi would rather not h
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 498 29
Tease: Bend and Snap [Kuroo Tetsurou]
Kuroo clicked his tongue, eyes following the volleyball as it ricocheted off the polished floor before flying out the gym door. He glanced over at his teammates, watching as the rest of them also watched the ball escape from them, their eyes locking in on its position, but their feet staying glued to the floor. A complete thirty seconds passed without anyone volunteering to run after the ball. Sighing to himself, he took the first step towards the exit, telling his team that he would retrieve the runaway sport equipment while they continued practicing. Making his way out the door, his eyes scanned the surrounding area in search for the volleyball. Upon spotting it resting in the grass, an amused smirk made its way onto his face as he noticed a familiar figure walking nearby.
"Oi, [Name]-chan, mind getting that for me?"
Stopping in her tracks, said girl turned to face the guy who had called out to her. Her eyes landed on the captain with permanent bedhead and she had to suppress a smile
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 669 47
Tease: Short Skirts [Tsukishima Kei]
“Tsukki, why don’t you help [Name]-chan out?”
Said blonde male gave his freckled companion a blank look, his eyes flicking back and forth between him and said female. The pair watched as she tried to reach for a library book on one of the top shelves, her arms outstretched far above her head in a vain attempt to snatch the piece of literature she needed. She was cursing quietly to herself, her fingertips barely brushing up against the book’s cover. After a while, she decided to try hopping in place in another attempt to retrieve the book. It was obvious to the two of them that she would never reach it like that.
“I don’t think she needs it,” Tsukishima finally answered, his smug smirk making its way to his face. “She’ll figure out what to do eventually.”
“So mean, Tsukki,” Yamaguchi reprimanded, though his voice also held a touch of amusement. “But if she doesn’t get that book soon, we can’t start
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 900 59
Tease: Flexibility [Sawamura Daichi]
Letting out a shuddering breath, Sawamura tried his best to keep his attention on his gym teacher’s instructions. The booming of his voice echoed throughout the class gym as the older male instructed the ensemble of teenagers through their final stretches. Sawamura could feel the muscles in his right leg protest in slight pain at the exercises, the tissue fatigued from the strenuous activity that had occurred during class that day. He let out a barely audible grunt as he went into a lunge position, stretching out the muscles in his left leg now.
“What’s the matter Daichi?” His classmate, [Name], fixed him with her usual smirk as she mimicked his movements, her own legs spreading farther than his did. “Don’t tell me you can’t handle a few simple stretches.”
Sawamura felt his eye twitch in annoyance at her teasing tone, wanting nothing more than to retort at her with his own spiteful words. His train of thought was knocked off its railings
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 603 25
Tease: Kissing Booboos [Sugawara Koushi]
The gym was uncharacteristically silent, all eyes of the people present focused on a certain silver haired setter. Sugawara was biting the inside of his cheek, trying hard not to cuss or cry as he ignored the stares directed at him. Instead, he focused on his leg and the dull ache that was starting to sear his senses more and more as the seconds passed by. He had been practicing with his teammates on the court when Tanaka—who was on the opposite side of the net—decided to try for a spike. Something had gone awry and the volleyball flew in the wrong direction, hitting Sugawara with full force just above his knee. A few inches higher and Sugawara would've been keeled over in excruciating pain.
"Suga-san!" Tanaka was in a panic, apologizing frantically. "I'm so sorry!"
Brushing off the apology with a weak smile, Sugawara reassured his teammate that he was fine before limping his way towards the side bleachers. His leg hurt too much for him to continue practicing. Collapsing on
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 794 64
Tease: Pajamas [Hinata Shouyou]
“Thank you again for allowing me to sleep over while my parents are away on business, Hinata-san.”
[Name] bowed deeply to the older female of the house, receiving a kind smile and a pat on the head in return. The older woman bid the two teenagers in the living room a good night, instructing them both to change into their nightwear soon so they could go to bed and rest up for the next day. Receiving reluctant nods and muffled groans, the older woman turned on her heel and ushered her youngest child towards her own room so that she may be put to bed.
“[Name]-chan, let’s watch a movie together,” Hinata piped up once his mother was out of ear shot. He gave his female companion a grin, remote control in his grasp as he pointedly looked at the television.
“Okay, let me change into my pajamas first,” [Name] answered enthusiastically, practically skipping her way to the guest room she would be sleeping in.
Turning his attention towards the television,
:iconxxxneonsoundxxx:xXxNeonSoundxXx 564 51
Shortie [Haiba Lev x Reader]
You whip your head to see a really tall foreign student wearing a shirt and jersey shorts with white hair and small eyes. Did I mention he was really tall?
“Um…excuse me?” you reply trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. It’s true that you were a little bit on the short side, but no one really made fun of you or anything. So hearing someone actually comment on it surprised you. A stranger no less.
“How tall are you?” He continued, not bothering to answer your question. A friendly smile plastered on his face.
“Uh...(height). May I know why you’re asking?” you answer, this time succeeding in acting like you don’t care. This guy is seriously bugging you out.
“Eh heh. No reason.” He chuckled, which irritated you.
“I know I’m short okay? No need to rub it in my face, you…lamppost!” You exclaimed and mentally kicked yourself for the stupid insult.
:iconbobisakat:bobisakat 124 25
{strangers to lovers} haiba x reader
A conversation where the two of you never knew each other. A chat where you two would ask many, many questions about each other.
He was in high school.
So were you.
He went to Nekoma
You didn't,
and attended at Karasuno.
It all started when you were trying out your new phone, and sent a text to your friend. She had accidentally wrote down the wrong number, leading you to an apology to the stranger, leading you to a chat to him, leading to everyday conversation with the teenage boy whom you never met.
But he was delightful.
And talk-able.
Everything you ever wanted for a guy.
It was hard not to fall for him because you never knew how he looked.
But today was the day.
The day you two would finally meet after all the planning. He would go all the way to Karasuno High just for you, it made you overwhelmed and happy as you couldn't hold back tears of happiness for his kindness.
And you waited for five minutes.
And there was a silver haired boy who waved to y
:iconsentimentalsweets:sentimentalsweets 53 1
{not his girl} ushijima x reader
you were quite known at your current high school, Shiratorizawa. you were known, for being the "girlfriend" of the volleyball player Ushijima Wakatoshi.
scratch that
you weren't even in a relationship with him, but the way the two of you hung out together was along the lines of how couples hang out. in all honesty, you were just his childhood friend that happened to live next to him, and walked to and from home with him everyday.
there was also the fact that sometimes you guys would share lunches which made everyone even more suspicious. you, knew all about the rumors that spread like wild fire about you and your childhood friend that you happened to have a crush on.
cliché, we all know.
it was just... you didn't want to be rejected, considering how blunt the male was ever since childhood. it was simply one of his traits you couldn't get over or deal with no matter what.
"(F/n), let me have some tamagoyaki." he says and opens his mouth.
"then eat your veggies first." you reply, st
:iconsentimentalsweets:sentimentalsweets 119 7



I'll draw your oc in a fullbody; note me a reference

More examples here: Furvilla Art Shop


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