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|FinlandxReader| Mess [Prologue]
You sipped your freshly brewed coffee, focusing your eyes on the book. The whole living room was silent, but peaceful, compared to the Nordic household.
It always seems very lively and rowdy, compared to yours. Lonely, and silent. You closed the book with a soft thump, and finished your beverage.
You sighed, glancing at the necklace you always wondered where it came from. With a frown, sadly you can not remember. You unclasp the lock and took it off, placing it neatly on your small jewelry box.
You stripped down from your casual clothes and wore a white nightgown. You let your hair lose out of the hair tie, and brushed it, humming a tune.
You walked towards the bed, you lay down the comfortable surface and pulled the covers. As you closed your eyes, hoping to be asleep. Your phone rang, groaning, you picked up your phone and answered it.
"Hello?" You greeted, sounding a bit grumpy.
"Uh... Hey (y/n)! It's me, Matthias! Y'know the king of Northern Eu-"
"I get it. So, what is it?" You res
:iconseiikochan:SeiikoChan 21 8
|FinlandxReader| Mess [Chapter One]
((A/N: Hhhhh, there's some bing translated words here so, sorry if the grammar of the language sucks hue ;w; ))
You shut the door from your car, looking over to the place. You yawned, your eyebrows twitching.
'Honestly, Tino. What were you doing?' You thought, sighing irritatedly, trudging your way towards the entrance.
You entered the bar, and gosh, it reeked of alcohol everywhere. You look around the bar, there were tons of drunk men, most of them hitting on the women. You rubbed your temples, continuing to search where Tino was.
Then you spot him, on the corner. You went towards him frustrated, tapping his shoulder lightly. He jolted, smacking your hand away.
"Noooooo! Ddddon't waaannaaa goooo hooome!!!" His voice was slurry, as he continued sobbing continiously, now he was just peeving you off.
"Tino, I'm taking you back home." You shook his shoulders gently, and he smacked it away, once again.
"Leaveee meee aloooone, Beeerwald!" He responds, not even facing you.
You facepalmed, cl
:iconseiikochan:SeiikoChan 24 9
Male!ReaderXCanada Hopeless Romantic
Male!ReaderXCanada Hopeless Romantic
WARNING: This story contains BL(Boy Love), AU(Alternate Universe), Use of human names and A bit of crackiness. I had to freaking re-type this because I accidentally deleted it!!!

"You know, you're as sweet as the candy confections you make." Margaret said, smiling softly.
"And you're as beautiful as the flowers you admire every day." Gerald said, smiling as Margaret smiled even more.
"Hm, you visit me everyday ever since you found me unconscious in the streets on Christmas morning. And even though you didn't know me, you brought me to the hospital. You were like my Christmas miracle." She looked up at him with her big and clear hazel eyes.
"No, you were mine." He said to her, looking back with his green eyes.
"I guess we were both each others then." Margaret said, taking hold of Gerald's hand.
Gerald smiled softly and then said, "Well, I didn't want anybody to die on a happy day like Christmas."
"Thank you then." She said to him. "I'm real
:iconanimecat26:animecat26 439 95
Love You Like A... Male!LiechtensteinxMale!Reader
Love You Like A....

Sitting in the library you couldn't help but smile as you watched the so called 'Prince' of the library sitting there in his usual chair next to the window, his pale green eyes trained on the words of the book sitting in his lap. A small smile on his face as he read the printed words, turning the page seemed to light up those pale green eyes. So much excitement radiated with every turning of the page.
A faint smile played on his face as he closed the book, a small satisfying smile could be seen once the book was closed. Taking the hint that he'd finally finished the book, he stood up, and placed it back on the shelf where it belonged. Stretching his body the Prince walked out. Walking towards the shelf where he'd just put the book he was reading back you opened the book, having seen that it was actually checked out two days ago.  
Well, it looks like even the Prince can make a mistake. Your eyes glancin
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 302 1,634
Servant of Evil [Japan x Male!Reader]
Servant of Evil
You are my master
And I am your servant.
Destiny divided two pitiful lovers.
If it's to protect you, I'll become evil just for you.

Watching you with a smiling face, a crown of flowers placed atop of my head your smiles and giggles melting the ice around my heart. You are the prince, my master you are not allowed to be where the soldiers are trained. Though you come here everyday, not caring about the punishment that awaits you, just to make me smile. Thought, I to decided not to care, your smiles and laughter becoming my light I guess that I'd become greedy over time. One day you visited me, telling me that we were both born blessed by the church bell. Only for our happy times with one another were soon to be torn apart, the guard grabbing my wrist, your father carrying you away.
Screaming and crying I wanted to return to you yet...I wasn't strong enough.
You are my master.
I am your servant.
Destiny d
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 288 45
2p! Prussia x Reader |:. Sparkle .:|
Her eyes never ceased to amaze him. No matter how many times he looked into them, he would always see the same [e/c] coloured orbs staring back at him, almost as if she had been expecting him to look at her. Gilen knew it must have just been coincident that they met each others gaze when they did. But it always made him flustered, and he would always have to look away.
The silver haired albino was reading, his elbows resting on the table in front of him, and his book opened before him, fingers gripping the hard cover of his story. She was there too, sitting across from him, typing away on her laptop like she always did. (Y/n) was always writing something. He was never quiet sure what it was, but it was always something.
Gilen moved his book down a little to watch her work, her lips pinched in a thin line, and her hair tucked back behind her ears.
"You're staring again." She said, her fingers pausing, and the clicking of keys stopped as she looked up, meeting his gaze. "What's so intere
:iconpureawesome22:pureawesome22 59 4
Lust [Rome x Male!Reader]
Rome x Male!Reader
Notice: Please note that nothing sexual happens in this one-shot. This is just Grandpa Rome being well...  sort of Grandpa Rome-ish.
"Ah, here you are Sir Rome, I hope that these documents are the right ones." you mumbled, scratching the back of your head while the physical representation of Ancient Rome took the documents from you. Your hands brushing against one another sending a small flash of heat through your body, a chill down your spine, and causing your toes to curl.
Trying to hide your blush from Rome you quickly backed away, embarrassed that the two of you had physically touched one another. You were told to never, no matter what the circumstances are, you were not to touch the representation of a country.
For skin to skin contact allows that country to see into your very heart, that could lead to the manipulation of that country. "U-um well I'm going to go now Sir Rome...I have...other work that needs to be attended
:iconmarshadecamiro:MarshaDecamiro 322 23
Sealand X Male!Little!Reader: I love big brother!
"Big brother Peter!"
Uh-oh. Here comes (Y/n)..that annoying kid from the Braginski family....why does that little bother like to pester me of all people?
"Hi big brother Peter!" He latched onto me,grabbing my hand. "I got you another sunflower,the brightest and coolest one because big brother is just like that." He thrusted a sunflower in my face. The dumb kid gives me one every meeting,as if I want one all the time...
"Why do you give me these all the time?"
His smile faded as I watched a blush creep onto his cheeks. He buried his chin into a (f/c) scarf that was around his neck.
"I-it's because...I..I love big brother!"
Excuse me? He what?
"I mean what I said big brother,I really do love you..that's why I always give you sunflowers and talk to you."
He leaned over and planted a small kiss on my cheek. I felt heat rise onto t
:iconhunnybunniescake:HunnyBunniesCake 368 99
Shut Them Up - Hetalia X Male!Reader
Being the representative of (country name) does have its ups and downs, but what you thought was one of the downs was the fact that you had to attend these stupid world meetings.
The reason? Nothing ever gets done in these meetings. They would start off peacefully, but cue that snide remark from who knows who and then it would descend into hellish chaos.
You sighed in your seat as you witnessed the two hundredth fight between Arthur and Francis, (A/N: You’ve been counting these fights ever since you became an independent country), Alfred self-proclaiming himself as the hero, Ivan scaring the living daylights out of the Baltics...all of that rubbish. (You made a mental note to teach that Russian imbecile a lesson after this meeting was over.)
Groaning, you continued watching in a state of boredom as the other nations added to the chaos. Although of course there were some attempts to quell the noise, usually by Ludwig or some of the other Asian nations, but nothing worked as the fi
:iconbronyforlife99:BronyForLife99 444 101
Swagger for the Dagger: 2p!Americax2p!Reader
Swagger 2p!America x 2p!Reader
“You better hand back my cellphone or else I will stab you with this dagger!” You screamed.
At the other end of the table was Allen, the 2p of Alfred F. Jones. Allen stole your cell in order to read your flirty text messages between you and Alfred.
“Allen, hand me the phone! I will stab your with this dagger!” You threatened again and gripped the weapon tighter.
Allen put on his shades and leaned back. “Dollface, I have too much swagger for the dagger.”
You dropped the knife and covered your mouth with your hands.
“I have too much swagger for the dagger.” He said again, but this time he shook his hips a little. He licked his lips and stuck out his tongue. His silver tongue ring caught the light.
“I don’t have enough time to deal with your childishness. Hand me the phone!” You said but you ended up laughing.
You wiped the tears from your eyes and saw that Allen was
:icon16clevertaunts:16CleverTaunts 207 69
Useless Love - 2pAmerica X Reader
Allen frowned as he looked at his bat. He smirked a bit, thinking about how useful it had been over the years. The rusted nails sticking out over the whole top end were covered in dry blood, flaking off slowly.
His frown soon returned as he thought about how he came to have the bat. The nails weren’t even his idea. They were hers. She had even picked out the bat and wrapped the gripping around the handle. She loved it, yet she gave it to him because he loved it just as much, he got it as a birthday present.
Now he was thinking about her. (Y/n) (L/n). Probably the only girl he would ever love. James had asked him once why she was so special, but he didn’t know the answer himself. She just was. Maybe it was the way that she always knew what to say at just the right moment, or how she seemed to almost glow when she was happy.
He shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck, he held back from crying now. He never thought he would ever cry over a girl, but she was different. S
:iconpureawesome22:pureawesome22 54 7
2p! America x Reader |:. Anger .:|
       It was hot out. To hot for her. And for Mattieu, who seemed to be in a similarly bad situation. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, in America. (Y/n) had come from Canada and meet Allen through Mattieu, and they had clicked right away, and started dating not long after. She had always tended to stay inside these days, because she was Canadian, and the heat never did her well.
      It was Allen’s big baseball game today, and she didn’t want to miss it. She had even made vegan cupcakes -a recipe from Oliver- for after the game was over. But (y/n) was feeling rather hot, and a little dehydrated, despite the water bottle she had packed. It was luke warm, and tasted no good, especially on a hot day. Her (h/c) hair fell in her face, her cheeks flushed with a red colour from being in the heat for too long.
      Mattieu noticed. But he hadn’t said anything yet, because he knew no matter what he did, (Y/n) wo
:iconpureawesome22:pureawesome22 146 16
Japan X Reader |:. Yes .:|
He showed her a type of affection he would rarely show to anyone. It was gentle and soft, something most didn't even know existed, and (Y/n) wouldn't give it up for anything. She knew he had never been fond of physical contact, especially in public, but yet, for her, he would go the extra mile.
When they first started dating, it was a private thing, that stayed in the comfort of late night phone calls and secret meetings. It was thrilling and saddening at the same time. But (Y/n) didn't push him, she knew he would open up when he was ready.
Then, a few months later, he started holding her hand in front of his two close friends, and sometimes his brother. People were catching on, but he didn't seem to mind. After holding hands, he would wrap an arm tenderly around her waist, squeezing every now and then to show he was listening to her, and after that he would start kissing her on the cheek, that's when everyone knew. No words were spoken of the relationship, but it was just accepted.
:iconpureawesome22:pureawesome22 72 6
The Haunted {RussiaxReader}
 "I wish her ghost would just let us be..."
Note: Ivan & Natalya aren't related in this story.
Marriage, marriage.
Let’s get married, let’s get married, let’s get married, the words chimed in your mind like a bell. Why? Because your boyfriend of three years had just asked you last night, ‘Will you marry me?’
Ivan Braginsky was his name. How would your first name sound with his surname right after it? More than anything, you knew you loved him; your relationship was ready for the final step of holy matrimony. With only a moment to take in a breath, you’d told him ‘Yes.’
Ivan already knew where he wanted to marry you; it would be in one of the churches of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. You’d already decided that his sister—and your very best friend—Katyusha would be your maid of honor. Ever since last night, you couldn’t think of anything but
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 177 83
Fight Club (Romano x Hotheaded!Reader)
"I want you to hit me as hard as you can."
Not even the slight, sweet summer breeze blowing across the car park provided relief from the deafening silence. A few tufts of grass that sprang from cracks in the gravel shuddered. Wispy clouds trailed across the open sky, and sunlight beat down on the couple standing outside the World Meeting Centre.
"What?" Lovino looked at [Name], his hazel eyes wide in disbelief.
"Come on, hit me! Before I lose my nerve." The [hc] girl's expression was fierce, her brow furrowed and mouth set into a hard line. Her hands were raised in front of her, curled into tight fists, and she bounced back and forth on her feet.
"What are you talking about, idiota? I'm not going to hit you." The Italian crossed his arms over his chest, frowning. Evidently that was the wrong thing to say, as the girl's scowl deepened.
"Fine! If you're not going to start, I will!" [Name] lurched forward, and her fist swung out in a wide arc toward Lovino's head. He caught
:iconsuzukeii:suzukeii 7 4
Little Jerk (2p!Canada x Short!Reader)
And thus marks my first real foray into the Hetalia x Reader...
Swearing, of course. But you're the one who clicked on a 2p!Canada story, so there.
Her eyes drifted around the opened cabinet. Where was it...? [Name] didn't think she was out already. The last time she'd gone to the store must have been only...five, no, four days ago. Suddenly, the box caught her attention, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Thank goodness...
[Name] stretched up with all of her might to grab the box of pancake mix from the top shelf, her oversized t-shirt lifting up to reveal a pair of blue-striped underwear hugging her bottom quite nicely.
Nicely enough that Matthieu, who had just walked into the kitchen, couldn't help but get right behind her to place a hand over the thin cotton and whisper in her ear.
"Need a little help with that, shortstop?" He gave her bottom a well-meaning squeeze, at which a gasp escaped her, and reached above her struggling hand to easily pluck the box off of the shelf. [Na
:iconsuzukeii:suzukeii 100 16



Multi ewe
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